Don’t expect others to do something for you. It’s your work to do something for yourself. You should never expect it with your partner, friends or boss. They can only motivate you, helps you but they can’t achieve something for you. So guys if you also expect something from others and want to know why we should not to do it then you have to read my article till the end.

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Success Depends on Efforts

Here I am telling you about my own experience. I was raised in a small town in India and realized the connection between efforts and result at an early age. I believe in luck and luck is important but success depends on our efforts and hard work. When we try to do something in a normal way its called luck but when we do work hard for achieving something, it is called success.

In life, when you expect something from others and hopes that they will do it for you. Then you don’t get anything except frustration. Because expectation, when not fulfilled it gives you pain. when you get something without expecting It gives you pleasure.

Stop expecting them to know what are you thinking

People can’t read minds. They only know what you are showing them. Also your boss, he will never know that you are hoping promotion to him unless you tell them. Because you are a shy person and you don’t tell them easily, what you want from them.

In our daily life, we have to communicate with others regularly and you have to openly speak your first words. So You have to tell people that you want from them without shying and simply as we do.

Stop expecting them to like you

We always expect something from others and when we have unreasonable expectations for others then we always put ourselves through unnecessary suffering. everyone has a different personality and place in their life. So their words and actions are always different from you. And if you want to have a more successful, happier relationship with people then you should never expect something from them. Should always try to give your best and prove to them that you do not need them in any case of life.

In this article, I provide to you the best information to stop expecting from others. So if you expect nothing from somebody, you will never be disappointed. And guys, if you have any question regarding this post, So please let us know in the comment box.










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