A few days ago, a visitor asked me how to earn money online without paying anything? I was shocked! Because I  didn’t know about accurate tips to make money online internet at home. I said to him a few days to stay that I’ll research on this topic and write a great article on top ways without investment.

So today, I found some valuable and legal ways to earn money without any issue and scam. If you search on google there are thousands of ways you will find about making money in India or world but all of not genuine and can be harmful to you so which are the best way? I’m saying in this article so read carefully and follow.

But online job or work is not easy, this can be for you a hard task because competition is flying in this field and huge people are in the fray so you might be hard work and smart work here so we do not waste time just go to the blow given profitable ways and start your online income free and fast.

Best 11 High Trusted Ways To Earn Money Online

So we are going to share some believable way where you can make actual money without any general problem.

1.) Make A Website And Earn By AdSense ( Advertising Sites)

Adsense is one of the most favorites make money online source between whole worldwide bloggers and my also. For it, you must have a top website which is full of enough traffic for advertising. Get Adsense approved is a tough assignment people failing in approving adsense but it’s not hard for me, I got it in only 5 days with the 2-month-old website this a secret trick so I’ll tell you about it in my next article.

Now go to earn money by Adsense, today millions of blogger earning great money through google adsense to 50000 to 2000000 monthly so now this your turn just make a website or blog which would be excellent in seen.

Make A Website And Earn By AdSense

I’m using AdSense from 3 months and earned up to 24000 ₹ and still earning via my site techindiaz.com so if you want to real money you have to do some hard work and create a website. And don’t worry if you do not get adsense approved then you can use other best advertising companies which are so easy and people earning without AdSense enough money through Chitika, media.net, info links,Amazon Display Ads, Adversal, big links, skimlinks, etc can be many like that but use that your choice.

2.) Earn Money Via YouTube

So do you know really YouTube? i think you don’t know about it properly because this is the best way to earn money in thousands of dollar every day. Whats you thinking? That’s real? ya absolutely its genuine ways for passive online income. Youtube is a the biggest video watching and sharing portal, with these activities people making millions of dollar monthly.

Earn Money Via YouTube

For it you need to create own eye-catching videos which liked by peoples. Once your video is ready just upload on YouTube and monetize it, after that youtube will show ads inside video and give you revenue according to video reaches. So more view more  earn the income, how much money you will earn ? This is depend on your performance and video views, how much perfect created video you have.

According to http://www.dailymail.co.uk the top three youtube earner earned

  1. PewDiePie (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) $15million
  2. Roman Atwood                                  $8million
  3. Lily Singh                                            $7.5million

So If you want more earning through youtube, you need to create some original and interested videos and increase your subscribers so now start your work.  

3.) Earn Via PTC Sites

If you haven’t sufficient time for work hard and still want to earn money online then try PTC (Pay To Click) sites. By this way you can earn up to $100 week. PTC sites are the ads providing sites where you need to click and read advertisements for a few 20 to 30 seconds only and you will be paid for every advertisement which you will view.

Earn Via PTC Sites

If you search on google, many sites you will find where you can make money by viewing ads but which site is genuine ? Thats a most point. So suggest you that if you going to join any ptc site then first read that review on various sites on google after that register. Please keep in mind ptc are always free so never pay for it so use that sites which sites are free and no investment.

4.) Affiliate Marketing : The best Earning Portal

So are you deep serious for make money online ? And are you perfect in promoting stuffs ? that great ! so this affiliate marketing program is for you. After adsense, affiliate marketing is a big source of their big income of top bloggers.

Affiliate marketing is growing day by day and people making a big amount of money via it.There are hundreds of online companies are available for affiliate like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, etc. where you can join & work for their products.

Affiliate Marketing : The best Earning Portal

Affiliate marketing is a so easy work just collect customers through your blog or website or if you don’t have a site then you can use social networking sites for it like facebook, whatsapp, twitter etc for share your affiliate product links. When people buy product via your link, in return you can earn 5% to 30% commission.

5.) Photos Selling Online

This is another great make money online work for who is perfect in capturing a eye catching photo. For perfect shoot use of your smartphone or professional camera and collect some high quality and amazing pics of green nature, amazing places, human pics etc.

Photos Selling Online

And a good news for you that you can sell these images online now on famous photo selling sites like Shutterstock, Fotolia, iStockPhoto, Photobucket. After submit your photos if you buy your photo, you will get paid with some fix price. So is that great small business na ? So don’t see my face just pick up your camera and start shooting attractive pics and earn money online.

6. Make Yourself a Freelancer

Freelancing is that best way where you can show your talent and also its a big make money portal. There are the thousand of famous websites or companies searching for a talented freelancer for a temporary basis. If you are perfect in content writing (articles), web designing, multimedia graphics designing then you can provide them your paid services.

Freelancers making thousands of dollar per month via work on websites or companies. The income depending on your freelancer work and how work you are providing. You can work for the most popular freelancing websites like Freelancer.in, Elance, Upwork WorkNHire, People per Hour etc. There you do not need any setup process just register and start you work and earn money online fast.

7.) Captcha Solving

So what you heard? Captcha solving ? Yes this is real, if you have any extra time then you can get extra income via become a captcha solver. This is the one of the easy and interceding way at make money online ways. You don’t need to do anything, just read the captcha images and type the exact words as we solve captcha when a site ask for their security. For fast and more earning to your speed of solving should be fast and sharp. More solving more earning in less tine and complete your earn money task.

Earn Money
Captcha Solving

There are dozens of captcha solving websites like Kolotibablo, MegaTypers, CaptchaTypers etc are giving paid up to $1 to $2 for every 1000 captchas. So try to solve more captcha and earn massive income from it. If you solve 3000 captcha in a single extra time then your income will be in –

1 day = 3$ = 201 INR

1month = 3×30 = 90$ = 6030 INR

8.) Become A Writer

Writing !! How much write you can per day ? In my case, i can write at computer up to 4000 words in a single day. Writing is another great listed way in our list for earn money online. Your writing can be used for different types of content depending on website or company which want to fresh content. You can write for Website or news blogs, news companies, educational, institutions, etc. You will be paid according your writing skills. You can be paid $5 – 10$ for wrting 500 – 1000 words.

Become A Writer

So if you have awesome talent of wrting skills then there are plenty of sites like Writerbay, Elance, Textbroker, iWriter, FreelanceWriting, ExpressWriters.com, FreelanceWritingGigs.com to show your writing and earn money online via content writing.

9.) Online Teaching

Online teaching is the best way of share knowledge online and making money. So are you a teacher ? And can you teach on Internet properly ? Then you can be an online teacher. You can teach anything according to your skills and education in this virtual internet world. Keep in mind that offline or online whatever teaching position is not so easy task so for this, you need to better knowledge about your field.

Earn Money
Online Teaching

There are many online taching portal where you register and you can start your online class. In this internet world every thing is demanding so you can share knowledge about cooking, english, mathematics, designing, engineering etc. There is a best service called Udemy. This websites basically is teaching content selling place where you can make your courses and earn money from online via your materials. You will get paid when a costumer buy a online course which you created.

For better income your skills should be perfect on that subject on which you’re teaching. Also the internet and computer knowledge are the main points in online teaching. If you know about photoshop and making videos then by helping these things you can develop your content more interesting and easy to understand.

10. Earn Money Fiverr

If you are a multi talent person then Fiverr is a another good place where you can make money online. In this site you will be paid for any service up to $5. Just make your list of services which you can do perfectly and go to the website Fiverr.com and search your own service which you can do on Fiverr.

If you want to become a seller on Fiverr then you need to make your gigs where you can tell your about work to people and also say your work price. If any kind of person will order your service then complete th. Even if you complete 2 gigs in a single day, then let we do some calculation for monthly income.

Earn Money Fiverr

1 day = 2 gigs = $10

Monthly = 60 gigs = $300

Then $300 = Rs.20000/- per month.

Thats a not good In part time ? Of course that a best for so now start and earn money.

11.) Earn Money Via Survey

75% survey sites are fake but 25$ sites are genuine where you can make money in reality. A surveys competition is a easy work which takes only 6 minutes – 33 minutes depending on the survey length requirement.

Earn Money
Earn Money Via Survey

There are no need to do anything more, just write a own feedback and opinion in a survey task. Some easy question can be ask by you and no need to write anything more. On this job you will be paid $0.5 to $20 depending on the length of the survey,  profile and your country. But main thing is that which sites and really paying for that or which are fakes.

There are plenty of best survey sites you will find, but before join check that review and legal report and know deeply about that online surveys sites and make money online fast.


So these was the best and 100% genuine methods for earn money online and the great long answer for “how to earn money online in india or world without investment at home. Don’t try other fake method, only use above given tricks for online income so make true your dreams.

Please note that we have shared only ways for earn money so if you do not earn from above ways then this is not a our mistakes and we are not forcing you to use these make money methods, this will be your own decision.


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