Smoking is a major problem nowadays in this world. It creates a lot of problems like heart diseases, asthma, lungs cancer, COPD ( Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), blindness, age-related macular degenerative. The biggest thing is that it being a huge problem because it kills our body day by day by using this.


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Not only himself even it creates a problem for the external environment also. Other people also disturb with this. Because while taking breathe the air contains lots of bacteria that can be a problem for asthma patients and other people also.


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How to get rid of this bad habit?

Smoking habit definitely is very tough to quit. Even if the smoker wants to quit but something inner sole does not permit that person to quit. Because that is the evil of the tobacco which is inside the cigarette but also remembers nothing is impossible.

We know very well that any habit can,t be release only at once. Especially if any problem is related to our health. We can’t take the chance to our life. If a person has a longtime habit to takes the cigarette, even he also knows that how much his body is falling die by inside but it nicotine filled in the cigarette makes the man not to leave it. Because

If the smoker really wants to quit this habit so by using the e-cigarette it can be solved but at a very certain limit. because if you are thinking that it will help him to avoid the addiction of smoking with a normal cigarette. So, I want to tell you, it is also an addiction that also defects and distract you when you inhale it more than limit time.

When smokers know about the thing by that they can get harm from the bad habit that they want to leave. So, I think most people will choose the next option instead of that cigarette that they know which is harmful to them. Because this decision will let them enjoy the same that was the habit of them before this.the main thing is that it is not much harmful as compared to a typical cigarette that they are using a long time.  the other health risks that go along with smoking.

The e-cigarette does not contain the filling of the same that is in a normal cigarette. It has liquid products like herbs, nicotine, chemicals, and many other flavors. Definitely, it is various differences with the traditional and normal cigarette. But if you really want to leave his habit you have to sacrifice for some places.


Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, change the vapor by its filling of liquid products like glycerin, chemicals, etc that is inhaled. In this cigarette Instead of tobacco, its cartridges there are filled with those herbs which help the smoker to stay away from the cigarette. The Food Drug Administration is a federal agency of the united states which is engaged in health and human service. Which is against the use of tobacco products. but it is found that this kind of cigarettes also support harms. so it does not support the use of E-cigarette. Because it enhances the good habit to avoid tobacco for smokers.

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people out of the 60%of the students are still using this cigarette because they have found their favorite flavor and they don’t fill its harmless. From the stats of passing 4 years most of the high school and college students are using this.

The e-cigarette is really not harmed?

If we talk about that the use of e-cigarette will harm or not. I can,t say that this will not make you harm you are using this regularly. But, it can be said that if you are using the electronic cigarette instead of the normal cigarette that contains the tobacco and other harmful fillers that just not harm your lungs even your whole parts of body effects with this. So at least it will not defect your body.

FDA (Food & Drug Administration) which is a federal agency in united states also not suggest as good sign the use of the e-cigarette. If a person inhales too much this e-cigarette. Then it can also harm your body. because this is an Electronic cigarette. But it is a cigarette. Yes, even we know it does not contain tobacco or harmful filler.

But to be sure we can,t says it will protect you and will not work against your health. If it is made from electronics it will have a battery or contain any other risks. It is not burned like normal cigarettes. But when a person keeps the cigarette in his mouth it can attach the risk also while burning this.

Apply natural habits to avoid the smoking habit.

e-cigarette can choose to quit the cigarette but if a person inhales too much this cigarette. You will be addicted to this also. if a person inhales this e-cigarette can also be harmful. That is not done. It can be also a very good habit. So you must try to quit the smoking habit with the using of applying naturally habits that will help you to quit the smoking habit. Try these points-


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  • Some points that can help you by which you can quit the cigarette.
  • You can take grapes juice or can eat grapes.
  • Frozen items or frozen snacks.
  • Eat a hot fudge sundae.
  • Try to eat a dill pickle with your daily meal or can take at any time because the sourness of pickle reduces the desire for the cigarette.

Don’t consider yourself as a patient. You must think like that you have a diet that is telling by health consultant. so try to live your life like you newborn and are trying to apply new things that will make your life awesome.

And whenever if you feel any desire to take a cigarette. Then try to set your mind at any other place like you can take chew gum for time pass and try to play with other things like games on pc or mobile phone. chats & calls will make you busy so that you will don,t distract.

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Listen the music enjoy with joyful mind and do dance like no one is around yours.

  • Go to the park, enjoy the swing.
  • Sit with elders try to understand their thoughts.
  • Spend your time with children.

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  • Be eco-friendly
  • Use a mop to clean the floor. it may be funny if you never had done before this. but by this, you will get involved in those things so you will don’t have time to think about smoking.
  • Do all those things which make you happy.
  • Wash your car.
  • Go for a walk with your pet.

These tips you can apply at your home or anywhere because if you really want to quit this bad habit. or can apply in the office like try to make concentration on your work so you will not disturb with this.

Still, if you have any query or if you find I have done something wrong so please tell us in the comment box.








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