To keep up in the real estate market, agents have to stay updated to the latest trends and technologies. This helps them to cut down the mundane work and save their hours for productive activities.

It also makes them beyond their competitors and increases their efficiency. However, some are already leveraging technology to grow their horizon but the majority is still behind the curve.

In this blog, I’ll show you five areas where you can use technology and grow your worth in the increasing competition.

So, let’s start!

Real Estate Apps

Leave websites, think about real estate apps & Gadgets that help to connect to your dream home in a jiffy. When customers add their requirements, you can pitch them through your app, show you available properties with compelling photos and descriptions and sway them through your app. Plus, you can also stay ahead of your customer requirements and turn them dreams into reality by getting them connected faster. If your customers came to know that you use an app for your business then they will prefer you over other business because you’re more headed to technology than them.

Apart from that, the app will also help in instant communication with your clients. So, if a client pitches you in the middle of the night or early morning, you can promptly answer his queries and get him up for your business. Hmm! Sounds Great.

Productivity Apps for Real Estate

Real estate business revolves around scheduling meetings with the client, setting up deadlines or timer for the official documentation, and reaching the location to get your deal done. If you don’t follow these tasks on time, you’ll be left behind the curve. In this context, if the real estate agents are smart users of technology they can grow their performance chart by staying up the game.

You can choose productivity apps like task management software, time tracking tools, and other reporting software where you can assign tasks to yourself and mark it done when it’s completed. These apps also send you notifications if you’re running out of time or your deadline is near.

Google Maps

The worst thing about a real estate business is the guiding location to your customers and helping them reach their destinations. But thanks to technology, it has solved the biggest burden of the real estate industry.

By using the Google Maps feature, you only need to send the pin location to your clients and they can come on their own following the map. You can also track their route and ETA while en route. The best thing that the clients can also learn about the parks, malls, restaurants nearby. If they are searching for condos, they can explore the amenities and see if the condo amenities are worth purchasing.

Social Media

Real Estate
Real Estate

You know if you’re tech-savvy, you can stay up to date with your fan following on the digital forums. You got luxury Toronto condos for sale, upload it on your Instagram and see the engagements you drive through the can also share your business stories, events and draw audience attention towards your business.

Apart from that, you can write informative blogs, share tips and tutorials with your fans. And do you know what the best part is?

You can do all these activities on your mobile. You won’t need a separate time, space or a computer for it. You can update your social media forums while traveling or attending any business event.

Smart Homes

Real Estate

The biggest benefit of knowing technology is that you have a better understanding of the smart homes. While other agents undermine the value of smart homes and you being tech-savvy can understand the concept. You can better explain it to your clients and answer their queries.

For example, if they have queries about smart lightning, thermostat or refrigerator, so you can satisfy them with better answers. The bonus point is that you’ll come across the smart homes selling and buying more than other real estate agents.

Wow, it’s really beneficial.


As customers are getting mobile-friendly today, so they also prefer the businesses which are tech-savvy and are mobile. So, if you have real goals for your business and want it to grow bigger then I will recommend you to leverage the technology to the maximum and see how you’ll get better with the perks. The five factors above are big examples.

Ready to welcome technology to your real estate business?   



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