Becoming an effective Team leader is a hard task because almost all leaders fail to perform their administrative tasks effectively. When you are assigned by your boss to become the team or group leader, you should not struggle to coordinates all your team members so as to get results. Your personality should also be effective you should learn personality development skills. You are supposed to enhance both the group and individual output of your team members if you want to be an effective leader.
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Dealing with a group of individuals towards attaining a common goal is a relatively hard task. There are bound to be conflicts and disagreement during the process that you must be able to handle in the most comprehensive manner without breaking up your team. The following are some of the golden strategies of being an effective team leader.
  1. Eliminate Competition among Your Teammates Related image
A healthy competition may be considered good for the business environment, however, if the competition becomes too much between teammates, it can negatively affect the overall productivity of the team. If your members are more focused on outshining each other, their focus will definitely shift from the common goal of the team. You should explain to them that if we want to achieve our goal then we have to work together.  Ensure you eliminate unhealthy competition to enhance team efficiency.
  1. Assign Tasks to Each Member ProperlyRelated image

You must be able to delegate different tasks properly to your members. You should also cooperate with them in their work and try to make their work easy. An effective leader should know the capabilities and specialties of his or her team member and he/she should delegate the work to every one according to their education, experience, and specialization. This will ensure that assigning of the task is correctly done and will eliminate the feeling by some members that they are either overworked or underworked.

  1. Maintain Communication
If the Team leader has an Effective communication is the key to success. As an effective leader, you must enhance communication between yourself and the team members, open communication will ensure that your team can always contact you in case of arising any issue, which you will be able to solve it timely before it is out of control.

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  1. Make Quick DecisionsRelated image
Decision making is about to choose the best option from available options while taking care of the full utilization of available resources.
You should have the capability of taking the decision quickly. Don’t be stressed by taking the decision. You must be able to make sound judgment and great decisions in the shortest time possible to ensure that you stand out in your Team leader qualities. Your teammate will feel they are in good hands if you are able to come up will good decisions. The following process should be followed while making a decision:
  • Set your goal.
  • Make a list of available resources like Budget, manpower, lead time, etc.
  • Make a SWOT Analysis. (S- Strength, W- Weakness, O- Opportunities, T- Threats)
  • You must be aware of the strength and weaknesses of your team and according to this, you should assign them to work and you should also be aware of opportunities that you have like government policies and your company policies and their threats also.
  • After doing this analysis make a list that what have to do, how to do, when to do, who will do etc. and take the decision.

5. Motivate Your Teammates

For good results, the morale of your team members should be very high. Motivating your teammates is an important task for  leader if someone is performing his/her task efficiently then you should praise him in front of all by doing this his/her morale will increase. They need to constantly be a reminder the need to work hard, and the benefits that come with it. Motivation ensures that they do not lose enthusiasm as the project continues.

An effective leader is one who can always get good results from his or her team while keeping them still motivated. They do not act as rulers of their respective teams but they all the interest of each team member at heart. Being an effective leader requires a lot of training but it surely pays once you get there.


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