Guys if I ask you what the actual meaning of Personality is or how you can say that He/She has a good personality You will say He/She is very good looking or He/she is very attractive. Right??

But guys personality is not only about good looks or attractiveness. It is a very broad term Personality includes Physical and as well as the Mental State of a person. How you talk to someone, How quick you take decisions, How you present yourself in front of others, etc. all these things include your personality. Personality development is the process of developing a set of characteristics that contribute to the overall personality of a person.

Nowadays There are many institutes who offer courses for personality development.  They teach you how to manipulate yourself and bring good in you. Here I am going to tell you 5 Tips for personality development so you need to go to any institutions and spend money.

Following are the tips which can help you to enhance your personality.

  1. Be Confident

    Confidence is about to believe in yourself. Your confidence level reflects your attitude and character.  If you want to enhance your personality then Confidence is the first and necessary step towards it. Be self-confident. By following these steps you can boost your confidence :

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In whatever field you are. Make more and more practice in that field because as much as you have done practice you will become perfect in that field it will automatically boost your confidence. Image result for practice

Cross your comfort zone

Don’t bound yourself in any boundaries. Always try to come out of your comfort zone Suppose You are a dancer and you are good at one style like hip hop so don’t only work on hip hop try to learn other forms also like Bollywood, contemporary, salsa, etc. It will help you to boost your confidence. Unless you don’t come out of your comfort zone till then you can’t get the confidence to learn new things. You should also read effective goal setting strategies.


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Learn to speak in public

If you get nervous in speaking in public then start it from your home.  Give some speech in front of your family members than friends and it also helps you to boost your confidence. also, read the tips to speak in public.


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Always think you are the best

No one is perfect in itself. Every person has his own quality and skills so don’t think that my height is not so tall, my complexion is not good; I am not good looking; What other people think about me and etc. etc. It will lose your confidence.  Always thinks about the good qualities which you have. Always consider yourself as best.

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Don’t care about what other things

If you are giving any presentation, performance or any other public appearance don’t think that what other people think, how they will react


  • 2. Improve your body language

According to research, We communicate 75% non verbally. Your standing position, hand movement, face expression, way of walking told a lot about your personality.  Thus Your body language and gestures play a vital role in your personality so always use positive postures and signs with interacting others. You should always be aware of your body language.  By following these steps you can definitely improve your body language:Image result for body language

  • While talking to someone always try to make eye contact with them.
  • Keep your head up while talking.
  • During an interview or meeting don’t sit in a slouching position it shows that you are not comfortable or nervous. Always sit with straight back and comfortably.
  • When someone is giving a presentation then Nod your head time to time between presentation. It signs that you are listening and understanding him/her.
  • When someone is talking don’t look into your mobile it shows that you are not interested in the conversation.

3. Improve communication skills

Communication is an art of conveying messages or views to others and get feedback. Communication can be done face to face, telephonically or through electronic mode via e-mail, Whatsapp, etc. Your communication skills should be so effective that the receiver gets the message in the same meaning in which you want to convey. Effective communications skills are also necessary to run your business successfully.

By following these tips you can improve your communication skills:

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Be a listener

It is good to express your views, suggestion, and comments on some matter but to make your communication skills more effective it is very important to listen to others. Give them the chance to speak. No one is perfect in this world.

Everyone has his own views and skills so everyone should t get the chance to express his/her views if you have any issue with any point then don’t cut their point during conversation let them finish after that clear your points if you always try to prove yourself right then people will hesitate to talk to you so develop the listening habit in you. If you are giving a presentation then during presentation allow your audience to ask the question so that they can clear their doubts.

Add some fun

If you are giving a presentation then to make your presentation more interesting add some fun in your speech.  By doing this, people will don’t get bored. Have you ever watched the youtube videos of motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari? In their videos, he conveys a very deep message with fun and laughs and this is the secret of his success. People like to watch their videos. Watch Sandeep Maheshwari’s video on personality development.

Use Examples and Li’l Stories

While giving a presentation or execute a meeting, then to make your points More understandable to the audience give them examples or narrate little stories so that they can easily understand the topic.

Proper Knowledge

On whatever topic you are going to speak you should have proper knowledge about it. If you are going to tell about a product then you should have proper knowledge about product features, product qualities, uses and its benefits, etc . so should be aware of everything. If you don’t have knowledge about all aspects then you can’t explain them well.

Know your audience

It is very important to know your audience. The language of your speech should be according to your audience. You should aware that in which language they are comfortable and you should use appropriate words suppose if you are addressing to village people then you should use the Hindi or regional language, If are addressing to children then you can use the words associated with cartoon characters, If you are addressing college students or youngsters then you should the words related to movies, technology, gadgets, etc.

4. Be Positive

It is also a good way to enhance your personality. Being positive means to stay calm and remain positive in every situation. Following points are included in a positive attitude:Related image

Be practical

Being practical means turns your thoughts, your dreams into reality. It means to be a man of his words. You should not just say it that I can do this, I have this talent, in fact, you should focus on your work and turn your words on to reality by using your strength. Don’t think about the past or future because you can’t change your past but you can learn the lesson from your past and can make your future better so live in present. If your present is good then your future will definitely be bright.

Exercise Regularly

Now a day everyone is suffering from stress due to pressure or overload of work or many other reasons so You should do work out daily for at least 15-20 minutes.  You can do yoga, jogging, meditation or any other exercise. It will also give you positive energy and you will feel active the whole day. You should also read the stress reduction technique.

Avoid Over Thinking

You can’t solve problems by thinking over on it. If you have any problem then try to find a particular reason for that problem and look out for solutions. Don’t waste your time to think over on it. Take quick decisions. If you find your job difficult then read this: 6 ways to make your work easy

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5. Always stay happy and cool minded

A little smile on your face is the best ornament for you. It will give you positive energy. If you have argued with someone or you are in anger then try to solve that matter on the spot. Don’t let get the effect of this on your work or any other person.

Don’t be serious all the time. Try to add some fun while conversation because people enjoy the company of the people who make them laugh. Keep a good sense of humor.  If you stay cool-minded then it will help to take the decision quickly. Enjoy every moment of your life.


I hope guys, this article will help you to develop your personality, to boost your confidence and to improve communications skills.

If you can any query or suggestion regarding this article then please write us in the comment box.

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