Content writing is one of the famous areas of earning in digital marketing. A good content writer is who always keep a goal in mind to attract the audience. Because when you became a good content writer you can have a lot of areas where you can have lots of work to do. When you being an expert in this field.  So you can earn more and more.  You are the person you will earn at per word according. I will tell you some points that will make you master in this field.  So you can earn more and more.  You are the person you will earn at per word according. Content

so next time these points should be kept in mind while writing content for your blogging site.

What type of title should be?

  • Number using –  any number must be used in your title that attracts the audience like 5 ways to get rid of oily skin, 8 ideas will make you more confident so this type of title is most effective.
  • Negativity – Fear is the thing that exists in every person’s mind that can be for future, success, career, death, etc. like in youtube videos YouTubers try to make the title in a way that the user will click.  But I will say your intention just not to get a click. Your motive should be to make the user a potential.
  • Desire – You should always keep in mind one thing that is user intent that must be fulfilled and then post on your website. So the user comes again and again on-site if you provide good content through a brilliant title.
  • Authority – Use that kind of words by which users just by read can trust in like in Colgate ad says like by maa and recommended by doctors. So the user definitely will come and will read your content but you need to focus on good content also so the user stays connected with you.


Are you not getting rank on Google because of a not effective article?

  • I & YOU– first of all, you should use the words “I or You” because you always realize the user that he or she is your friend and talk to them as normal communication. That will make a good attraction to your content. So try to make them your friend.
  • Use of facts– you must be told in your content as facts like whenever a user wants to know about something and if he read something different on other,s content that is right but your content tell something that information which is not giving right information so the user can feed up. His trust can be low down so you must be sure that your content is giving right and truth information. So you should have deep research about it.


  • Keyword density– your keyword density must be good. If your content is 600+lengthy so at least 7 to 8 times you should be used. Because according to google it checks everything especially your keyword that is taken asking in your content.


  • Q & A type– any human can be boring when we have to read along with wordings that are too much longer and I think any person can be boring. So you try to add questions like have you these problems? And then tell your answer this is the way to make alive your user at your page.


  • Add Relevant pictures– as I was talking that continuously wording we can,t read because it feels like non interesting but when we see the relevant pictures it tells something then user can be attracted towards it and he must read and will stop for a long time so your site can get good sigma according to view of Google.


  • Need to make conversation- Take the user as your friend so your user should be easy to understand that what you are saying. Always try to use those words which are used in normal life.


  • Try to use tips or points– user’s intention is to find their solution because when we want to know about something we always want our answer. So you always think like a user. Like: some beauty tips healthy tips. We don’t read the whole text our main point is found in tips then we apply. Tips and pints help you to get an attraction.
  • Meta Description- on the first page of google users see the meta description after the snippets. Because meta defines a short summary of your content and then he will click at your site. So meta description should be short,  good, realistic, meaningful and understandable for the user.


  • What should be at starting mid and in the end?

  1. First of all in a title you should tell about the basic things of your keyword. So you can briefly define to your user that what are you talking about.
  2. Then you should ask questions in your content after this you should describe in a manner like use points or tips so your user will connect and must attach the relevant picture with.

3. In the end this its time of CTA (Call to action) like when a salesperson at your gate tries to sell his product. So what he does? First all the features he tells about his products like its benefits, your time saving,  and all. And Then extra services with that product and then try to convince the people to purchase it. So in the end, you also should try to people to call them for action.

Ask people for commenting on your performance which can be bad or good .  and so at least the user comments on you. Or can say for or like, share, subscribe like in youtube videos. The more important thing is trying people to attract towards you for the response. You can give a social message that will affect the user emotionally. So in this manner, your content can attract full and you can be a good content writer by using these points.

Some other points which are always taken lightly by most of the people

  • Tags– google works on words instead of keywords. like the user wants to know about something and types how to do this… and if you add tags with the use of word how so then google somewhere will round off all sites. it can be a chance that somewhere your site will appear not 1st 2nd or 3rd page but according to your tags your site rank chance can up. But what is written in content its depends always because Google reads everything.
  • Size of a relevant image- as I said before relevant image must be added because the image said more things and users get attract with the picture also. But the size of the relevant image should be 742 *490. It is a perfect size according to website content criteria.
  • Permalinks– every person who is engaged in this work knows about what is a permalink. so you must know that don,t use stop words like and, is, for, any, etc. and numeric words also this affects our site so you must know because your site will not previous pages and you know that before reading the meta description permalinks appears. So permalinks should be short but explainable that what you have(content).
  • Youtube embedded video– with the relevant image youtube embedded video must be added with your content.  If a user doesn’t want to read the content so he can see the video and in this way, he will stay on your site for the time.
  •  and now next time you should not forget these points while writing content. definitely yes, every person has his own choices and qualities because every person can,t written on every niche. like if you like games, sports, apps, techniques, etc.
  • so I want to tell you that whatever the niche is. you just have focused on one thing that how to get more and more traffic.

but besides this, if you have any questions with this content you can ask in the comment box.

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