We are living in such a competitive world everyone may be male or female want to be independent. Everyone want to earn money and want to start his/her business without investment but it is not easy to start a business. It needs Capital, Manpower, Space etc. but now you need not to worry here I am going to tell you 8 startups which you start without investment Like:


  1. Tuition Classes

Business Without Investment

Guys if you are good at any subject like English, Maths,  Science, Accounts, Economics etc and you are willing to share your knowledge with other then you can earn money by giving tuitions. Through tuitions you can make money while sitting at home you need not to go anywhere, you can be your own boss. You can also create videos on some topics and upload it on youtube. To start your tuitions classes you just need a banner so that people get know about your classes.


2. Tiffin Service

Business Without Investment

If you are good at cooking so you can make money by supplying Tiffin to your nearest Banks, Companies, Hostels, P.G. etc. Usually people prefer home cooked home. This business also can be run while sitting at home. This is the best option for Housewives who can make money while taking care of their home and children. To run this business you just need visiting cards so that people contact you.


3. Insurance Agent

Business Without Investment

Guys, you can earn money by becoming an agent of Insurance companies. If you are good at marketing and you have influencing skills so this is a good option for you. You just have to make contact with more and more people and convince them for taking insurance You can also pursue this business while working full time job. To start this business you just have to apply as an agent in insurance companies and you have so many options like LIC, Max Insurance, Kotak Life Insurance, Bajaj Allianz,  Aviva Life Insurance etc.  It is totally Free of Cost.


4. Baby Sitting

Business Without Investment

Now a days women are becoming independent they go out for their jobs so due to this they are unable to take care of their toddlers. If you loves children then you can open Baby Sitting center at your home and earn money.


5. Affiliate Marketing

Business Without Investment

Affiliate marketing is Online Marketing  under which you have to sell products online without investment and you can get 10-15% commission on the products sold by you. You have to registered with  shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc and you have to choose one category Clothing, Cosmetics, Grocery, footwear, Watches, Handbags etc. You have to sell these products online and you can earn money in way of commission.


6. Blogging

Business Without Investment

Blogging means write on some topic.  If you have good writing skills and have good knowledge on any topic like Cooking, Poetry, Interior designing, Health and Fitness, Social and many more without any investment. then you can create your own blog or website and start blogging. As much as people read and like your blog as much as you can earn.


7. Tourist Guide

Business Without Investment

If you lives in such a area which is a tourist place then you can work as a tourist guide and can earn money. You need not to invest anything this is totally free.

8. Jobs Consultant

Business Without Investment

Job consultant is about to provide job to unemployed person according to their qualification and skills. There is so much unemployment is India. Everyone is looking for a job so this is also a good way to earn money in way of commission. You have to contact with all companies in your city when they have any requirement for any post in their company they will contact you then you have to fulfill their requirement by sending right person at right place. By doing this you can get commission form both parties.






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