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A logo is the identity of a business. It forms an impression. The way you design your logo, website, and office speaks a lot about your company values, vision, mission, and culture. Every business strives to mark a separate identity that makes them different from the rest in the competition. And this identity can only be formed with an exceptional design. 

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When you’ve decided to launch your business the first step is to think of your company logo. Since a logo speaks about your business so it should have all the elements you want to convey through it. Take the Apple logo, for example, it depicts innovation, lust, and knowledge and so their business represents. McDonalds and Adidas are also on the same boat.

But when you design a logo, it’s impossible to come up with a perfect one in the first attempt. It starts with an idea and then a slight variation in every step makes it a perfect one. 

Logo Design-It Starts with an Idea 

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A great logo starts with an idea and a deep analysis of your business. Who are you? What’s your business is about? Who’s your target audience? What sets you apart from the competition? 

Put your idea on paper and start sketching your thoughts. No matter how many worst shapes you create, continue drawing it. You’ll eventually come up with a design that seems better in all. Done with pencil drawings? Now is the time to move to software.

With the pencil image, you can figure out how your logo will look like. But you should also keep in mind that it will not be exactly the same, start creating. 

Pick up logo designing software like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW or Canva. But first, decide the colors for your logo. The color should match your business theme. If you’re a professional web design company Toronto, then the theme should be simple yet elegant.  

You can test different colors and lock the one which seems perfect. If you want to try different combinations, you can also do, but I’d prefer to keep it a single color. It shows simplicity in design. 

Try different colors, shapes, twist and tweak the logo elements and make it picture perfect. It’s not necessary that you create a logo in a day or two, you can take your time unless you feel completely satisfied.     

Go for a Website 

Now that you have the full and final image of your logo, it’s time to start creating your digital presence with a website. The website is the prerequisite for branding and drawing your digital presence. With the colors, you choose for your logo, design a website that compliments it. The layout of your design should be eye-appealing and presentable to your target audience.

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Try to keep the layout minimal because less speaks more.  

When you have a website and logo ready the next step you can choose is branding. And while branding you can vary your logo according to the requirements.

Evolve your Logo design time to time

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You’d be surprised to know the logo of the famous brands like Pepsi, CocaCola, and Apple was not worth considering as they are today. They all started big like Apple started with an image of the apple falling on Isaac Newton and then later it evolved to a half bit apple. 

The batman logo design is no exception. It starts with the wings only and they later evolved to a bat completely. The lesson here is that your logo can look a disaster when you start but if you have the mindset to improve then the design can become a remarkable logo – a logo that’s hard to forget.  

It’s not a problem if the first look of your logo is a big picture. With the slight improvement and the requirement of your business, you can have great design at last. Variations will also be required for branding purposes. The need for the business card, web template, social media content, and video is different than that of a website.

So, start small with logo design, stay consistent and then come up big. This short guide tells the importance of practicing and the design to make you known in the highly competitive world today.   



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